Sourcelink – Go Paperless in QuickBooks!

One of the big problems with QuickBooks, or any accounting system for that matter, is that you are constantly having to go back to the paper back up documents when reconciling or reviewing a transaction or balance.  Memos are great, but what if you could click right to the source document from the transaction in QuickBooks?

Well, Sourcelink 5.1 offers you just that and much more.  The program by, which also offers ASP QuickBooks hosting services, actually lets you link pdf scanned copies of the source documents to the QuickBooks transactions.  You could link purchase documents or HUD statements to fixed asset entries, receipts to debit/credit card transactions, purchase orders or vendor bills to bill transactions, and detail documents to journal entries.  Granted, this is going to take some extra time – especially if you do not already scan documents; however, the extra time and cost is well worth the benefits:

  • Internal reconciliation and research will be much more efficient.
  • IRS and ODR audits will be much easier to prepare for and the outcomes should be more favorable as one of the biggest reasons for adjustments is simply failure to provide receipts or documentation for expenses.
  • Your CPA will LOVE you as it will save a lot of time in the preparation of your tax return.
  • and best of all – it should minimize the files and stacks of paper that clutter your life!

I also recommend their ASP QuickBooks service if you have multiple locations or travel frequently.